Face Painting Basics You Need To Know

Face painting is fun for kids and adults!

It is one of the greatest party entertainments you can have!

Few Facts About Face Painting

How many people I can face paint in one day?

Depending from the design a painter can paint 10 – 12 faces in an hour. So if you have 20 kids attending your party – you’ll need to book me for 2 hours.

What any painter needs for a successful face painting event?

A very simple set-up – a table and two chairs. If it’s an outside event, then tent or an overhead cover.

What is suitable age for face painting?

Face painting is suitable party entertainment for ages from 2 to 102 and beyond! Just keep in mind that Children under 2 cannot be painted due to manufacturer’s guidelines and for medical reasons – children under 2 do not have a fully developed immune system. So exposure to some products at this age can be the cause of allergies in later life. Children under 3 are painted at the face painter’s discretion – if the child appears unwiling to be painted, or cannot sit still then they will not be painted. This is to avoid distress and injury to the child.

What things to check with your face painter before a party?

Always double check with your face painter – if she/he uses non allergic, non toxic, child friendly paints and glitters.

How to clean off face painting makeup?

Face paint is water based makeup so you do not need special cleansers to remove it – just regular soap and water. If there are some pigments present after washing, wash your face for the second time or try using a wash cloth. If you choose to use Baby wipes make sure you use ones that doesn’t contain alcohol and other astringent cleansers, because that can dry out the skin and cause reactions.

What about wet conditions?

In wet conditions face paint will be more likely to stain.

You can book me for any of the parties listed below!

Let’s Have A Party

Children's Party

Be it a themed or classical birthday party, a kid’s graduation or a halloween – a face painter is the most popular kids party entertainment.

Adult's Party

Hen night, a wedding halloween, family fun day photoshoots, face painting for performers, masquerade ball baby shower.


Xmas party, halloween party, new product launch, open day, fundraiser, I can help you to promote your brand.


Stand out from the crowd with my colourful glitter face painting designs.

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