My Name Is Viviane Lara

I am self thought face painting artist from London.

Originally I am from Brazil, but for last 13 years I have called London my home.

Face Painting Is My Passion And My Profession

I am relatively new to face painting – I discovered it in 2015 and instantly fell in love with it!

I used to paint my own face on Halloween, maybe help out some friends, but then in 2015 my very good friend told me, that I should try face painting. This one sentence sparked something inside me. I got hooked on the idea of becoming a face painter. So I started to learn from the best you tube face painters. Every extra penny I had – I used it to buy face paints, glitters and gems. The more I painted, the better I got, I started doing face painting for charity events and friends. I got better and better and I still continue to grow as an artist.

I love how much joy I bring to children and adults. Even if it lasts for just couple of hours!

I am constantly learning more and improving my face painting skills, neon painting skills, and glitter tattooing skills.

I understand how important it is to be great not only in face painting but in entertaining and in being approachable. That’s why I love showing up as face painting fairy myself.

Kids love it and its immediately clear which one is the lady that does face painting.

I think that my strong points as a Face painter are:

  • I listen to my clients – big and small
  • I manage my time and I am efficient
  • I tend to build strong relationships with my face painting clients
  • I work very well under pressure, but don’t take my word for granted –

for your next kids event and see for yourself!

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